Campaign for Real Ale

Pub Crawl on the No. 3 Leopard Bus

Saturday 19 August 2017 12:00

12:00 – Depart Station Road Reading Stop SA. If you are traveling from Wokingham 11:45 bus from Broad Street Wokingham.

12:25 – Arrive at the Bell & Bottle Shinfield. We will spend approximately an hour here, so members can have lunch.

13:30 – Depart the Bell & Bottle and have a short walk (10 mins) to the Magpie & Parrot.

14:15 – Depart the Magpie & Parrot and catch 14:23 bus to the Swan at Arborfield Cross.

15:05 – Depart the Swan and catch 15:11 bus to the Bramshill Hunt or 15 mins walk.

15:50 – Depart the Bramshill Hunt and catch 15:56 bus to the Bull at Barkham.

The Bull at Barkham have a beer festival on that weekend see link, we will finish the day here, members can catch 17:56, 18:56 or 19:54 bus from St James Road Barkham to return to Reading, or if returning to Wokingham members can catch 17:14, 18:14 or 19:16 from the Bull Barkham.

General notes regarding No. 3 Leopard bus and fares:

Fares for hopping on and off can be expensive, so best ticket is either the rural group of 4 for only £10 (£2:50p each), however everyone must travel together with this ticket. This ticket can also be used by 2 or 3 people, but it is still £10 or the Network day ticket for £7 per person, both tickets covers bus 4 or X4 from Bracknell as well as the number 3 all day.

Please contact Chris Hinton on moc.liamg@755notnihc