Campaign for Real Ale

New Lease of Life for Reading & Mid Berkshire CAMRA

Tuesday 16 January 2018

In late 2017 the Reading & Mid Berkshire Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) suffered a scare that could have seen the Branch fold due to a lack of members coming forward to fill key Committee posts.

As explained by the outgoing Branch Chairman, Quinten outsiders, the branch seemed to be ticking along nicely and doing its job well, but more and more of the work had been falling on fewer people and drastic action was needed. If key posts were not filled, the Branch would have to be wound up. The Regional Director of CAMRA, Carl Griffin, gave the Branch three months to try and fill the posts, or begin the process of dissolving the Branch.

Crucially, the much loved annual Reading Beer & Cider Festival is formally part of the Reading & Mid Berkshire Branch’s activity and because of the way CAMRA operates, if the Branch was dissolved then the festival could not take place. This certainly focused the minds of those who support both the festival and CAMRA’s work in general. As a result, it was less than a month from the warning of doom, that the branch was able to fill the key posts.

On Tuesday 16th January the final Committee post will be filled by Kate Martin who will become the Young Members Contact. She joins eight others who have not been on the Committee before.