Campaign for Real Ale

Request for volunteers interested in taste panels

Sunday 16 October 2016

We are looking for volunteers to join our network of tasting panels. No previous experience is required as full training is given. If you are interested please send the information at the bottom of this page, summarising your skills and return to ku.gro.armac@sreetnulovpt. You can use the same email address to ask any questions you might have about tasting panels.

CAMRA’s tasting panels play an important role within the Campaign. Primarily, they taste beers in their locality to develop the tasting notes for beers in the Brewery section of the Good Beer Guide. Being a trained taste panellist is also a stepping stone to getting involved as a judge at regional and national Champion Beer of Britain (CBOB) events. Being a regional or national CBOB judge is a very important role in making the competition objective and enhancing its credibility.

Taste panels are organised on a regional basis, with each region having a Taste Panel Co-ordinator. How each region organises its taste panels depends on a number of factors, including the number of tasters, the local geography, and the preferences of local branches. For example, some branches have their own tasting panel, and some are county-wide. Some branches and counties do not have active panels due to lack of members and/or lack of a chairman.

If any member would like to become a taste panellist, chair a tasting panel, or even become a Regional Coordinator, then lack of experience is no barrier as full training is available. There are instances of members becoming Regional Coordinators with no prior experience after their initial training! So please send the below information and return to ku.gro.armac@sreetnulovpt

Membership Number
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I would be interested in becoming a taste panellist Yes/No
I would be interested in chairing a taste panel Yes/No