Campaign for Real Ale

The Ale Trail rolls on!

Tuesday 15 March 2016

Reading's Ale Trail takes place over two months at the start of every year. This year's Trail started a month ago, but there's still plenty of time for people to join in. This year we have organised an Ale Trail Walk around the heart of Reading and Caversham, including several of the Ale Trail pubs. The walk will take place on Sunday 20th March, starting from the northern exit of Reading Station at noon. The walk is open to everyone so please feel free to join in.

The Ale Trail is run every spring, to encourage people to visit and enjoy some of our local pubs, hopefully discovering some that they haven't tried before alongside several favourites. Nationally 27 pubs close for good every week. The Ale Trail highlights and lets people discover some of our community hubs and helps keep them open for everyone to enjoy in the future.

There are 24 pubs around Berkshire participating in this year's Ale Trail. People take part by visiting these pubs and buying a pint or half-pint of real ale or real cider at each of them. They will be given a sticker to put in their Ale Trail booklet. Collecting all 24 stickers entitles participants to claim prizes of t-shirts and vouchers which can be used at this year's Reading Beer and Cider Festival. Anyone who only manages to collect 16 of the stickers will be able to claim a reduced number of vouchers. There is also a prize draw for people who complete the Ale Trail; with the prizes kindly donated by several local brewers.

The Ale Trail booklets are limited to 700 copies; whilst many of them have already been taken up, there are still some available for people who want to give the Ale Trail a try. They can be obtained from The Fox & Hounds in Caversham, The Castle Tap, The Alehouse and The Nags Head in Reading.